Common General Courier Service Types Explained

Common General Courier Service Types Explained


General Courier Services Explained


Many individuals and businesses are confused about what the different types of courier services are and what they mean when it comes to choosing one for their company needs.

We have listed in general terms the most common to give you an understanding of types and how they may help your business grow.

Common General Courier Service Types Explained

Budget Couriers – An example of a popular budget courier system is Fastway Couriers.

Budget couriers are usually prepaid and use a ticket or sticker system with different color coded booklets for different areas say interstate as opposed to local and also quantity the more you buy the cheaper they are.

So for instance a packet of brown local courier stickers of 100 will be more expensive (per sticker / courier) than the local pack of black 250 booklet.
Different color sticker booklets are used for local, interstate and overseas and quantity bought. One sticker is usually good for up to 25 kg’s per parcel more for a bulky or heavier item.
Courier booklets usually have a peel off sticker to attach the parcel while the customer keeps the other portion with both containing the same bar code for ease of tracking etc.

The sticker may also contain a peel off section for the driver used for tracking and earnings. A sticker used for the courier parcel may be as low as $4.00 depending on sticker color. So a substantial saving can be made by buying a large quantity of prepaid courier stickers either local or for interstate and even overseas.

Budget courier service means exactly that and generally the driver which will more than likely be the same driver everyday (and may own the area franchise) will arrive at your business for pickups if required twice per day, once in the morning and once late afternoon.

For budget courier systems, morning pickup will be delivered back to the depot and drivers will swap parcels and out of that area will be allocated to trucks that will meet drivers at another depot or meeting place like the local park to distribute the mornings pickups for afternoon delivery. Afternoon pickups are similar but will usually be delivered before 11 am next morning.

Budget Courier Services Summary

Pro’s – Much cheaper than express.
Same driver everyday.
Heavily discounted when buying bulk.
Same day if ordered early morning.

Con’s – Must book morning before 11am (generally) if same day required.
Parcel changes hands/ trucks etc hence more chance of damage.
Prepaid non refundable in most cases.

Express Couriers – There are many different names for express including same day, Rush, point to point, vip, exclusive, executive, ad-hoc and many more but you get the general idea right?.

Express couriers are for urgent items that need to be picked up and delivered usually within 4 hours depending of level of service and your budget. Express push bike couriers in Manhattan, New York or cities around the world like London, UK and Sydney, Australia can pick up and deliver your parcel within the same city limits in around 20 minutes.

Express courier services are usually available from 1 hour, 2 hour, 3 hour and 4 hour pick up and delivery. Express courier is (99% of the time) made by the same driver in other words the same driver picks up your parcel and drives from pick up point to drop off point (point to point courier) with your delivery and does not get swapped over to other drivers at depots or by the side of the road.

Same day and overnight or next day courier is just another level of service of express courier and will be cheaper than 4 hour express.

Express Courier Services Summary

Pro’s – Fastest courier available.
Awkward shape, bulky and heavy goods not a problem for express couriers.
Good for fragile items because item stays with same vehicle throughout delivery.
Can still be cheaper than driving and delivering the item yourself.
Account holder credit – No need to prepay.

Con’s – Expensive when compared to Budget couriers.

Air Freight CouriersFedex, DHL, UPS are all examples of air freight couriers although some air freight couriers do offer same day local pick up and deliveries as well.

Some airlines have their own air freight service and courier employees and are commonly partnered with general express courier companies.

The Express company will use the air freight partner for its interstate or overseas urgent air courier items and will deliver the local delivery for the air freight company as well as their own customers. That may sound a little confusing but even the major players in the industry use other companies for local couriers from time to time.

Air Freight Courier Summary

Pro’s – Fastest for international courier.

Con’s – Can be expensive.
Multiple Players..Not always the same company picking up and delivering your item.

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