A transportation load board is a type of website or application that unites the customer and the service provider for the sole purpose of picking up and delivering all types of goods and freight including small packages, furniture, vehicles, large machinery and even pets or livestock.

A typical load board utilizes a bidding system where the customer adds an item to be delivered, provides the pick up address and the destination then the service providers be it a contractor a courier business or even a one man operation looking for some extra work bids on providing the service.

The customer may choose a service provider based on for example the lowest bid, most amount of jobs completed, provider with the best feedback or a combination of all criteria.

In some regards a load board is similar to how Ebay works with it’s ratings system. The more positive feedback rating a service provider gains from completing the delivery job the greater the trust factor increases and in turn gains more jobs. The less feedback or poor overall rating the harder it is for the deliverers to be chosen for the job.


Bringing Customer and Provider Together

Load boards are a great way to bring both the customer and the delivery service provider together without needing any application or credit to be approved by the provider of the service.

Members in the form of people wanting goods delivered do not usually have to be a company with lots of deliveries or consignments.

In some cases members of the load board may have only 1 pick up and delivery, a one off item that is needed to be delivered for example a set of table and chairs.

Similar scenario exists for service providers in that an official delivery or company business is not needed. An ability to provide the service is the main criteria.

With fuel and other related costs with on road transportation, load boards are commonly used for back loading where say a truck might deliver to a destination a few hundred miles from their depot or home and will try to bid on a ‘back load’, a delivery for pick up close to the original destination to be delivered ‘back’ or close to the main depot or contractors home.

Load board operators collect fees from the customer and hold until the item or goods are delivered by the person or organization (the service provider).


So how do load boards make money?

1. By charging the provider a membership fee to access available delivery jobs added by customers

2. Charging a ‘final fee’ based on a percentage of the total cost of the delivery charged to the customer by the contractor that was awarded and successfully completed the delivery

3. A combination of all of the above


Two of the most popular (and recommended) load boards from around the World

Uship Load Board Reviews What is a Load Board?


Uship is a type of auction bidding style load board available in U.S.A, Canada, U.K, Australia, Germany, France and more European Countries coming soon. Uship has Freight loads, Hot Shot loads, LTL, Auto and Boat Loads and many more where you as a company or contractor can bid to provide shipping.

Public members add a load to be delivered and the freight / delivery /courier companies bid to complete the job.

Couriers ‘R’ Us Rating ***** 5 Stars

Try it out now – request a quote


AnyVan Load Board Reviews What is a Load Board?


AnyVan is a United Kingdom auction based, bidding for delivery style ‘Load Board’.

Customers or users add available items to be shipped and multiple courier and delivery companies bid to deliver your freight.

Any Van is Ebay approved and is great for one off bulky items that otherwise would be too expensive for pick up and delivery. Delivery companies tend to bid on jobs Knowing they will be in that area on the given day, like a back load (see above). AnyVan was winner of ‘Website of the Year 2010’ by The Good Web Guide.

Couriers ‘R’ Us Rating ***** 5 Stars


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