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Fastway Couriers and How it Operates


Fastway Australia and Fastway New Zealand has been purchased by Dubai based Aramex for a reported $293 million AUD (Australian dollars). The purchase in January 2016 now brands Fastway as "an aramex company". It is the second Australian courier company that Aramex has purchased, they also aquired Sydney based Mail Call Couriers for an estimated $33 million Australian Dollars in June of 2014.

Fastway couriers is a prepaid budget courier franchise system. 'Couriers Please' is another example of a budget prepaid courier service.
'Budget' - called a budget courier because of the system of pick up to delivery, and in most cases not as fast as ad-hoc or a 'direct' express service. Let me explain.

A driver / franchisee owns his own designated territory of which he or she will deliver and pick up parcels in the morning then return to depo to distribute items picked up during the morning run. 
The driver after offloading the parcels that he has picked up will 'swap' parcels with other drivers at the depot to coincide with his delivery area. ie; a Fastway driver only picks up and delivers his own area.
The driver leaves the depot for his afternoon delivery run where he or she will deliver the parcels from which his co-workers picked up that morning.

After finishing his deliveries the driver will now focus on picking up items which are then taken back to the depot that afternoon or evening for distribution to designated delivery areas the next morning and the cycle continues.

The company uses a colour coded ticket or sticker prepaid parcel delivery system - the more sticker coupons you buy the cheaper each delivery will be.
Drivers are usually 'owner drivers' unless delivery area has not been franchised yet in which case contracted or company drivers 'build up' and establish territories with local businesses looking for cheap courier services to eventually sell as a new franchise.

Franchise History

Grown to become the most successful 'Budget' parcel delivery franchise around the World. 
Originating in New Zealand and rapidly spread to Australia in the Early 1990's.

Possible new locations in the not too distant future include Europe (Germany, Spain, U.K) and North America (Canada).

Operating for almost 30 years, Fastway has 63 regional franchises, 1600 courier franchises in operation throughout Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, Northern Ireland and South Africa.

Start a Courier Business

One of the top rated franchise brands Fastway guarantees new franchisees earnings for many weeks when starting out in their new chosen territory (sometimes covers the initial purchase price).
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