Review of E-GO Couriers

Review of E-GO Couriers

Review of Australia, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Australia Wide


E-GO Couriers is an online courier booking website and unlike other online only transport courier booking site E-go actually are the ones picking up and delivering your parcels (part of Hunter Express Group).

With over 200 drivers in Sydney alone delivering in vans, utes and various sized trucks a vehicle to suit your freight requirements will never be far away.

E-go delivers freight Australia wide and also offers express 1 hour, 2 hour and 3 hour delivery time critical courier services in Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney.

E-go also offers substantial savings if you prefer to drop of your goods at a depot and have them delivered to their destination a 25% discount is offered. A 25% discount also applies if the truck picks up your item and then you pickup goods at the destination depot. Depot to depot for example you drop off to the Sydney depo and have your own truck or courier pickup at Brisbane a 50% saving will apply.

CouriersRUs thinks this is fantastic as other transport companies frown on the public dropping off goods to company depots but E-GO encourage drop offs so we give this service a big thumbs up. Economy road (2 -5 days) has also a cost saving compared to express road freight (2 days) but is mainly used for bulky palleted items.

Review of E-GO Couriers – Now to the website

The E-GO organizations aim is to provide easy, fast and simple freight bookings via an online website. Initially we thought the main home page of the website was a little cluttered with too much information but once you start making bookings you can concentrate on booking details and ignore everything else.

A handy ‘how to measure’ help section assists you in correct measurement of your parcel to avoid add on surprises later on.

We also like the fact that the main home page is the start of the whole booking process with a simple fast quote and proceed with no navigating to another page to book a freight pickup.

Payment Options

Popular credit cards American Express, Visa and Mastercard are accepted online. Eftpos or C.O.D (cash on delivery) is NOT accepted and seems fair as E-go is an online freight booking website.

Delivery Service

Friendliness of the drivers of which are mostly company drivers not owner drivers is a welcome relief as some transport companies only use contractors that at times can be rushed to achieve better earnings.

Freight is delivered on time and without damage. A track and trace facility is offered via the website, just have your consignment number handy and you can track your goods depot to depot and truck movement.

Review of E-GO Couriers – Conclusion

Overall Couriers R Us rates one of the best courier, freight and delivery companies in Australia and can recommend E-Go as a viable option in the highly competitive transportation market if cost, reliability and customer service is high on your decision making when booking a freight company to take care of your precious goods.

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