Postmates Driver Rider Review

Postmates Driver Rider Review



For those of you that have not heard, Postmates is a delivery company founded in 2011 that specializes in ‘on-demand’ local food and odd items delivery from restaurants and retail stores processed via iphone or android app. Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. An order can also be placed via their website at any time. An Account sign up is necessary.

For example, if you would like some local restaurant takeaway you can access Postmates via their app and have your food order delivered hot to your door for a fee.

For a monthly subscription fee ‘Postmates Unlimited‘ offers free delivery on orders of more than $20. Check website for more details and terms.

Unlike other courier companies, Postmates drivers and riders concentrate at completing one delivery at a time, the ‘UBER‘ of courier companies is what they are sometimes referred to as.

More than 4,000 retailers have partnered with Postmates to make the fulfillment of orders faster and smoother. Retailers include Walgreens, 7 Eleven and Juice Press.

Drivers Riders Earn Money

A claim by Postmates that drivers and riders can make up to $25 per hour sure is possible but, yes there’s always a ‘but’. Some couriers complain of not being able to achieve these figures.

Drivers and riders should be cautious when choosing this is a career option and we are not saying you can’t make a good living because you can and some do really well. One of the problems for couriers is the waiting for food to be ready or waiting in line. Most of the time you can’t jump the queue ahead of other paying customers.

One thing that is great is the Postmate can get some good tips during their shift, before and after the delivery is made – Options for customers to log back into the app and tip the delivery person well after the item has been delivered is a good thing in our opinion.

We think that riding a bicycle is a better option to make money long term as bike riders don’t have the expenses that a driver using a vehicle has, gas and general maintenance for example.

Postmates Driver Rider Review

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