Fleet Couriers

Fleet Couriers

Fleet Couriers


Fleet Couriers has been the trusted name in the courier service industry throughout New England and the Northeast for time sensitive and same day delivery service.

Whether you are a manufacturer, printer, technology firm or small business owner, we have a fleet of cars, vans and trucks ready for you 24 hours. Fleet Couriers also serves the medical industry.

We take pride in knowing the importance of serving the medical community and prove it through our medical courier training program. We annually train our staff on our exposure control plan which is OSHA, DOT and HIPAA compliant and focuses on transporting your specimens, blood or medications in the safest way possible. Fleet Couriers performs hundreds of medical deliveries a day, both STAT and routed work, for hospitals, blood banks, pharmacies and long term care facility.

Fleet Couriers provides online order entry and tracking 24 hours a day, paperless invoicing and instant proof of delivery.

Please visit us at http://www.fleetcouriers.com or call us for a quote. (800) 734-9309

108 Middlesex Street
North Chelmsford

Phone: 800-734-9309

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