Find The Best Courier Service

Many factors determine how to find The best courier service to suit your needs.

The Best

Where you send your parcels either international or within your local area and how urgent, fragile or size of items may also be a factor.

Do you require full service ie; rush, same day, point to point, pallet delivery local or air freight overseas?.

Information (good and bad) about courier businesses is freely available online.

One of the reasons why Couriers’R’ Us was established was a need for small delivery businesses to provide information about services they offer and even open up markets into other areas around the world even if they don’t have a website.

You should visit directories such as ours and blogs etc and find as much information as possible about the company.

The large range of courier services out there is mind boggling some specialize in areas such as medical and legal and others claim to just to get your business.

We have listed 5 factors you should consider to find the best courier service…

1. Reputation – You should browse the internet and find out as much information about the transportation company you intend to use.


2. Requirements  –  Same day?, international?, local only? services that suit your needs.


3. Cost and Budget – Remember the cheapest isnt always the best. Prepaid systems like Fastway are cheap but not so good for urgent parcels.


4. Driver and Fleet Range – For example: City Push bike, vans, trucks, hiab crane lifts, furniture movers, one or two persons needed.


5. Service – If your courier company is not providing you with great service, your business will suffer. Find a company that will help your business grow.

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