EMS Agent Brunei Darussalam Speedpost

EMS Agent Brunei Darussalam Speedpost

EMS Brunei Speedpost


Brunei EMS Speedpost international mail service for parcel items under 30 kilograms each. You can send more parcels, but you will have to divide up into boxes with a total weight of no more than 30 kg’s.

Mark boxes for example 3 cartons should be labelled 1 of 3, 2 of 3, 3 of 3 and that way the parcels will stay together and won’t get lost.

The weight restrictions for international parcels is brought on by airport baggage workers that in certain Countries are themselves restricted to picking up and carrying parcels, bags etc that are heavy, mainly because of union worker agreements. “Fair enough” i say, nobody wants to live with a bad back after lifting a heavy parcel.

Send and receive packages from overseas in over 220 countries. Visit website for more details on shipping times to and from Brunei.


EMS Agent Brunei Darussalam Speedpost – Contact

Website: http://www.pos.gov.bn


Phone: 673-2-381834

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