Doorman App Based Package Delivery

Doorman App Based Package Delivery

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Doorman App Based Package Delivery

– App based personalized package delivery company with service areas in Chicago, San Francisco, New York City and Brooklyn.

Designed for retail and business use rather than ‘one off’ public customer items unless of course you send regularly. A monthly plan and fee does apply so sending one item is not really cost effective.

Having said that, great savings are available if your send lots of items every month.

Sign up for an account online or through your iPhone or Android app to start using Doorman for all your pick up and delivery needs.

Any size and weight parcel can be sent. Catering to retail as well as food, alcohol (need to be over 21 and provide proof) and virtually any type of goods can be sent.

For retailers and properties, apartments etc, send all your packages to Doorman then have them all delivered to their individual destinations and at times when customers are at home.

Retailers can also take advantage of a 1 hour pick up and delivery window after a customer purchases from your store. Terms do apply, to see more please visit website.



Doorman App Based Package Delivery – A fantastic delivery start-up that is offering unique services and a ‘above and beyond’ approach to package delivery that realizes what it’s customers require in 2017 and beyond.

In Couriers ‘R’ Us opinion, we are going to see more and more of these kind of delivery services into the future, especially app based delivery services that utilize modern technology and that target tech minded businesses and customers.


1741 N. Damen Ave.



IL 60647


Chicago:(773) 394-4123

San Francisco: (888) 630-6610

New York City: (212) 208-8556

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