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DHL Japan Official Courier for Osaka Asian Film Festival. Logistics partner promotes Cultural Exchange between Japan and Asian Countries.

Main Contact Phone Number: 0120 39 2580 (free call)

Eastern Region
Air Cargo Booking(EXP) : 0479-78-6331
Air Cargo Arrival Information (IMP) : 0479-78-6311
Ocean Cargo Booking (EXP) : 03-5247-5581
Ocean Cargo Arrival Information(IMP) : 03-5247-5582
Quote Request : 03-5247-5628

Central Region
Air Cargo Booking: 0569-38-7477
Air Cargo Arrival Information: 0569-38-8480
Ocean Cargo Booking: 052-222-7461
Ocean Cargo Arrival Informationï: 052-222-7461
Quote Request : 052-222-7461

Western Region
Air Cargo Booking: 06-6271-1018
Air Cargo Arrival Information: 0724-56-5556
Ocean Cargo Booking: 06-6271-1017
Ocean Cargo Arrival Information: 06-6271-1043
Quote Request : 06-6271-1019

Kyushu Region (Include Hiroshima, Shimane, Yamaguchi)
Air Cargo / Ocean Cargo Inquiry
Quote Request 092-477-0411

Business Hours
Monday to Friday: 9:00AM to 5:45PM


Hotel Pacific Tokyo 3F, 3-13-3
Takanawa, Minato-ku,

Phone: 0120392580

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