Dash Courier and Logistics Service North & South Carolina

Dash Courier and Logistics Service North & South Carolina

Dash Courier and Logistics Service


Dash Courier and Logistics Service has been in operation throughout North and South Carolina for almost fifteen (15) years.

Services include standard cost effective ‘Regular’, 2 hour ‘hot’ and ‘Priority’ delivery for items that are required to be picked up and dropped off immediately, without stopping, in other words a direct drive from pick up point to drop off destination.

You may expect the cost of this service to mirror the cost of a passenger taxi fare and possibly more depending on the size, shape or weight of the item.

By the way a dedicated courier is always a much better option than that of a taxi cab because the taxi usually has limited space and is quite simply not set up to load, tie down or even enter a loading zone like a commercial delivery vehicle can.

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Other services include but are not limited to medical deliveries, large bed trucks, LTL less than truck load and warehousing. Goods that can be shipped directly from the warehouse to your customer on a regular schedule or ad-hoc depending on your requirements.

Dash Courier and Logistics is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week for your convenience.

Website: http://www.dashcourier.com

Suite 200-9 , 2436 S Miami Blvd
North Carolina
NC 27703

Phone: 919-839-0527 – Toll Free: (888) 755-3274

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