Christmas Courier Delivery On Time!

Christmas Courier Delivery On Time!

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Christmas Courier Delivery?

So you left your Christmas shopping a little late this year or you have just been searching online and have decided on a present for your loved one.

It’s the 22nd of December. Is it too late to get a courier delivery? Or is it to late to get a package dropped off to my house?

YES YOU CAN!  it’s not too late to get a gift delivered before Christmas.

And here is how…


Does Christmas Eve fall on a weekend? It Matters…

Most stores will probably tell you that their internal delivery service will not be able to deliver items after a set date.

You can still get a private courier company that has express, same day, hourly, sometimes referred to as AD-HOC services.

Private courier business being NOT your local post office.

Tip: We have over 800 proven reliable courier companies at our website. Look in our directory for a courier service in your area.

Most private courier companies operate Monday-Friday so be aware if Christmas eve is a weekend then perhaps the company might not be open. If it is a weekend, some couriers still operate but the price will be set accordingly.

Also note that you are getting essentially a ‘VIP’ delivery service in that the driver picking the item up will pick up your package, keep it on board with them and drop off any other parcels along the way until your house is next on route. If he or she does not have any other parcels to drop off along the way then you will get yours even before the basic 3 hour service.

If you wanted the item even sooner then you can also order an excusive delivery option with estimated delivert time of around 1 hour depending on the distance from pick up point.



YES YOU CAN Still Get A Courier Delivery…If the store is still open you can simply call a private courier company to pick up your item from the store and give them your preferred delivery destination.

Call the store and let them know that you have organised your own courier to pick up the item. Make sure they will have it ready at the because if the courier has to wait more than a few minutes, ‘waiting time’ may be added to the final delivery cost. On pick up, the driver will simply quote your name and or address and the store will release the goods.

If you are not home to accept the package you can always authorize the driver to leave the parcel in a safe place, behind garage etc etc.

Private courier companies will upon request give you the time and POD ‘person on delivery’ ie; the person that signed for the parcel.

Delivery information may also be visible at their website if you make an account.

Remember guys..Courier companies want to help get your goods to you. After all it is their job and most are very professional and reliable.

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