UTI Sun Couriers Tracking Address South Africa

UTI Sun Couriers


UTI Sun Couriers – Established in South Africa in 1981 has grown to be one of the largest courier delivery companies in SA.

UPDATE – In 2016 UTI Changed it’s Name and Website to ‘DSV Global Transport and Logistics’


Express Courier by 9am to major towns conditions apply see our website for more details.

Same Day Courier including next flight available for your parcel.

Economy Delivery good for non urgent parcels for delivery within 72hours from pick up.

International Courier Service to and from South Africa.

Track a Parcel, Book a Courier and view P.O.D‘s online.

Please visit our website for more details about our services we can offer you.

UTI Sun Couriers Tracking Address South Africa

Track your package – UTI Tracking
National Contact Phone Number: 0861 80 30 80

Website: http://www.za.dsv.com/

Cnr Olievenhoutbosch and Brakfontein Road

Phone: (012) 673 2000


Driver Jobs and Logistics Careers

DSV formerly UTI Sun Couriers has driver with bakkie jobs as well as other great career opportunities in the transportation field.

Visit – DSV Careers to find out more information.

5 thoughts on “UTI Sun Couriers Tracking Address South Africa

  1. this comment is in connection with parcel tracking number SUBBD28312001
    which left cape town on the 16/05/2018 and still today 18/05/2018 at 15h15 is not in Bloemfontein.
    This is pathetic as the parcel was expected in Kimberley but due to the inconvenience caused by
    DSV we decided to collect in Bloemfontein, and upon our arrival we where told the parcel was scanned and later it was found out the parcel was never loaded to be forwarded to the branch.
    Please advise steps to taken to stop this from repeating itself.

    1. I would guess and say that they where waiting to fill their truck, plane etc with other freight before commencing the journey.
      Sometimes you get lucky with freight carriers when they are constantly filling trucks and then leave straight away.

  2. Your guys were just at my house. Hooted twice and as I opened the door they left. No one even got out and knocked

  3. Do they have a call centre that is active 24/7
    ????? their tracking site is stupid beyond understanding
    I just want to know where my client shipment is not buy a skyscraper

  4. Looks like its taking 3 days to drive 20 mins . Ridiculous. My parcel is coming from Cape Town to St Helena Bay, it was delivered to Vredenburg UTI couriers yesterday at 9 in the morning, which is 20 mins away from me it is now basically the end of the day and still nothing. I called early this morning to find out whats happening and i was told deliveries to my area are done on Tuesdays and Thursdays, I was fine with this but obviously expecting it to arrive today then. And here I sit still waiting does this mean its gonna take 6 days to make a 20 min drive?!? I don’t have a car or a licence so this is highly frustrating, I would of made the trip myself if I could but maybe that wouldn’t be such a great idea because I probably would’ve attached whoever to my car and dragged them along just to show them how easy or quick it is.

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