US MEX Mexico to United States Courier and Vice Versa

US MEX Express home delivery truck
US MEX Express


Courier service from Mexico to the United States or the other way around.

US MEX Express is a transportation company that can pick up and deliver all types of goods, gifts etc and have them transported across the border to Mexico and Central America.

A fantastic cheap and convenient parcel service for your family and loved ones.

With a range of different pricing options depending on your budget and the urgency of receiving the items.

Cost wise 15 business days delivery for the cheapest courier.

7-8 days for faster delivery from anywhere in the United States to anywhere in Mexico.

Send computers, bicycles, medicine, gifts, large televisions and more.

Note: See website for any restrictions or prohibited goods.

Other services include money transfers and parcel lockers.

Simply call or visit website for a quote.

Website is written in Spanish and has an English translation option if needed.


Contact Details



P.O. Box 391331
NE 68139






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