Timax Canadian Courier Messenger

Timax Canadian Courier Messenger


Timax Canadian Courier Messenger

For more than 30 years as a courier and messenger service in Canada.
Motto is –  ‘Let it go’

Available 24 hours a day seven days. Payment via Visa or Mastercard accepted. Visit website for a quote.

Delivery and freight Services

Timax offers traditional courier services such as same day, direct rush and express throughout Canada and North America. Overnight and after hours also available.

Other services include high priority medical related deliveries, temperature controlled services, fleet of vehicles at your disposal – choose from a single driver or replace your whole fleet and let us take car of all your requirements at the same time reducing your costs.

Partnered with United States companies for USA freight services which includes LTL with no size or weight restrictions.

Warehousing – Full logistics services including pick, pack and fulfillment.

Customs clearance taken care of.

Door to door service.

Specialty services are also available – dangerous goods, next flight emergency, banking and mail, container services and rail freight can be organized.

Website: https://timax.com

2844 Bristol Circle,



ON L6H 6G4

Phone: (905) 890-4700 – Toll Free: (888) 468-4629 – : 1888 GOTIMAX

Author: Rob Middleton

Rob Middleton first started in the courier industry as a driver in 1992. After working for several companies as a sub-contract driver, Rob started his own business called 'Offload Couriers'. Fast forward to 2009 and the opportunity to purchase the domain name Couriers 'R' Us brought about a change in providing courier services to consulting and writing about the courier & logistics industry. Rob now focuses on helping small to medium transportation businesses compete with the giants of the industry like DHL, FedEx and United Parcel Service.

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