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Nippon Express is an international courier and logistics company founded in Japan 140 years ago making them one of the World’s oldest and most established transportation companies in the World.

Now with over 706 locations in 45 Countries with a workforce of more than 22,000 people consisting of admin, drivers, handlers, logistics and warehousing staff.

Nippon Express USA Inc was established in 1962 just 4 years after Nippon’s New York representative office began in 1958.

Nippon Express USA Tractor Trailer Truck
Nippon Express USA Cargo Truck


A ‘full service’ transportation company that provides all services related to delivery and logistics of any type of goods including small packages to heavy machinery, household and office moving and everything else in between.

Nippon Express United States Contact & Locations



Head Office
4-01 44th Road,
14th Floor, Long Island City,
NY 11101 U.S.A





For all locations and contact details in the United States see Locations and contact page

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