Modern Express Courier Oakland California

Modern Express Cali courier service

Modern Express Courier Oakland California


Modern Express in Oakland California has critical, express, rush and express same day courier and truck delivery services for large items.

They can also take care of US mail pick up and drop off of USPS mail to your office or premises.

See website for more information on our express courier service.

Modern Express Courier Oakland California – contact

Modern Express Courier Contact Phone Number: 1800 400 RUSH


750 4th Street
CA 94607

Phone: (510) 444-6245

Author: Rob Middleton

Rob Middleton first started in the courier industry as a driver in 1992. After working for several companies as a sub-contract driver, Rob started his own business called 'Offload Couriers'. Fast forward to 2009 and the opportunity to purchase the domain name Couriers 'R' Us brought about a change in providing courier services to consulting and writing about the courier & logistics industry. Rob now focuses on helping small to medium transportation businesses compete with the giants of the industry like DHL, FedEx and United Parcel Service.

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