SkyCom Express Qatar

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  Skycom Express Qatar – Courier delivery company with offices in Qatar. Skycom first started it’s operations in 1993 in India. Expansion into Oman, Egypt, Lebanon and the U.S.A. Skycom Express is now in a position to offer you global courier and logistics services. Track you airway bill at our website. ‘SKYPAK’ service specialist. Skycom […]
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Courier Service Qatar

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  MECS ‘Middle East Courier Services‘ – Based in Cairo is a domestic courier service approved by the Egypt postal service. Services offered – domestic same day deliveries, day to day banking including cheque deposit, logistics, tender applications, airfreight, International courier and more. Visit website for more details. With staff totaling over 960 and over […]
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MECS Middle East Courier Services

TNT Egypt Contact details

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  TNT has been in operation since 1946. TNT’s Global Portal allows customers to access TNT’s express and mail services quickly and effectively, regardless of their location. Corporate office London see phone number below. Egypt Contact Phone Number: 0800 100 600 Website: Enterprise House, 6 Pages Walk, Bermondsey London SE1 4SB Phone: 020 7394 […]
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Welcome to TNT Egypt

Egypt Post Net Courier

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  Website for Egypt Post Net Courier. E-Government, Booking Egypt Air Tickets, Egypt Telecom Bills, Community and Financial services. Net Courier service is a fast delivery service from the Post office direct to your door call  now. Phone Number 16789 for Egypt Post general assistance. Post office open Saturdays. Website: Phone: 16789
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Net Courier Egypt Post

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