Luggage Free Baggage Delivery Service

luggage free baggage pick up and delivery

Luggage Free Baggage Delivery Service


Luggage Free – A white glove baggage delivery service that picks up and delivers your luggage to any of your destinations or locations Worldwide.

Have your luggage picked up and sent to your holiday destination or even sent back to your home.

Travel ‘Luggage Free’ and spend more time enjoying your holiday.



Luggage Free Baggage Delivery Service

motto is ‘Pack heavy, travel light’


Designed to take the hassle out of transporting and hauling around your own luggage from taxi, airport, hotel etc. Let Luggage Free take care of your bags and see how much easier travelling can be.

$1000 worth of insurance is included free with every delivery. Extra coverage can be arranged for an additional charge if you feel your contents may be worth insuring for more. See website for details.

Customs is taken care of too, all that is needed is a copy of your passport and your flight details as well as a brief explanation of the contents of each bag.

Accepted Items

Luggage and travel bags.

Skis and related equipment.

Surf boards and body boards.


Golf bags.

Baby cribs and strollers.

Trade show items.

Simply ask, you would be surprised what they can ship, It’s just about anything including bulky items.

Note: Some prohibited items include alcohol, lithium batteries, food, plants, explosives etc, basically anything that you cannot usually carry on an aircraft. See a full list of restricted items at website F.A.Q page.


3718 57th Street


New York

NY 11377


Toll Free: 877.968.9890

International: +44 (0) 20.3318.2062

Author: Rob Middleton

Rob Middleton first started in the courier industry as a driver in 1992. After working for several companies as a sub-contract driver, Rob started his own business called 'Offload Couriers'. Fast forward to 2009 and the opportunity to purchase the domain name Couriers 'R' Us brought about a change in providing courier services to consulting and writing about the courier & logistics industry. Rob now focuses on helping small to medium transportation businesses compete with the giants of the industry like DHL, FedEx and United Parcel Service.

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