Roadie App How it Works

Roadie App How it Works

Roadie App


Roadie – Atlanta Georgia delivery app start-up launched on January 27, 2015.

The very first ‘on the way’ app based delivery service raised $10 million in funding with some notable investors getting on board (pardon the pun).

UPS Strategic Fund, Warren Stephens of Stephens Inc and Jim Mckelvey from Mellon Group are just some of the participating investors.

The ‘Roadie’ service concept is designed to encourage regular car and truck drivers to sign up and be payed to deliver goods ‘along the way’. Say for instance you are driving from town ‘a’ to town ‘b’ to visit a relative, well why not deliver a package or two if you are passing by the delivery point or going to the delivery destination.

Drivers can also sign up as an ‘ad-hoc’ on demand courier also.

Almost anything can be delivered including pets. All size items are also able to be delivered and because all of the pick up and delivery / contact information is on the app that the driver carries there is no need (in most circumstances) to wrap and provide packaging and write address which saves time, cost and is also good for the environment to use less or no packaging.


Roadie App Send Anything Via Phone

How it Works

1. Download the IOS or Android app to your phone or device.

2. Create a gig and follow the prompts for your pick up and delivery location, size of item, choose driver etc

3. Add additional options like extra insurance.

4. Keep an eye on your package using the ‘Track My Roadie’ feature.

5. Sit back and relax, a photo of proof of delivery will be sent on delivery.


3565 Piedmont Road,



GA 30305

Phone: 1-844-4-ROADIE

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