DHL History and Corporate Information

DHL History and Corporate Information DHL History and Corporate Information DHL History and Corporate Information DHL History and Corporate Information DHL History and Corporate Information

Deutsche Post – DHL History, Statistics and Achievements




DHL stands for and is derived from the first letter of the last names of the founders Adrian Dalsey, Larry Hillblom and Robery Lynn.


DHL History and Corporate Information


Larry Hillblom took up a part time courier job with insurance company Michael’s, Poe & Associates (MPA) while studying for a law degree in 1967.
Larry after finishing his law degree had a brief encounter in a grocery store parking lot with former work colleague courier salesman Adrian Dalsey.

Legend has it they got talking about the need for a specialty express courier service and later together with Robert Lynn organised a meeting about a possible venture in to the express courier business of which both Larry and Adrain had now gained valuable experience from.

Robert Lynn was more of a silent partner and albeit small financier of the new venture after already establishing a company called ‘Real Estate Data Inc’ in the early 60’s.
Founders Deaths

Adrian Dalsey sold his share of the company in 1980, he died in Walnut Creek, California on October 10, 1994 aged 79.

Larry Lee Hillblom died May 21, 1995 aged 52 – Larry an enthusiastic pilot himself was onboard a seaplane when it crashed, he wasn’t the pilot at the time of the incident. The pilot and other members of the plane where found dead, Larry’s body was never found.

Robert Lynn the last survivor of the founders died February 8, 1998 aged 78.


Company History and Moving Forward


First established in 1969 the same year man first landed on the moon.


DHL Founded 1969 same year man landed on moon

Man landed on the moon on July 20, 1969 and only 2 months later, DHL became an Incorporated American company on 25th September 1969.

The company was able to swiftly establish a unique service – to fill a void in the need to fast track customs and shipping documents before arrival and upon the arrival of shipping containers to ports and land based warehouses so that the large ships were not stuck in port waiting for release documents.

Dalsey, Hillblom and Lynn had started the very first express delivery service of these customs documents and had them delivered and waiting for process before the vessels arrival saving thousands of dollars to shipping and trucking businesses.

Freight and Logistics Industry Competitors


Major competitors are FedEx, UPS, USPS, TNT, TOLL Group, Australia Post and Royal Mail although all do help deliver on occasion each others items in particular mail in accordance with the ‘Universal Postal Union’ commonly known at customer level as EMS.
First Expansion from Air Only to Present Day and Beyond

The Companies first main business expansion came in 1972 moving from only delivering air freighted documents to delivering more widespread door to door courier services in and to and from east coast Cities and States of San Francisco and California then on to Hawaii and Honolulu and return.
Followed one year later in 1973 by adding additional services to Greater Los Angeles, Ohio and Western Pacific U.S territory of Guam.

Worldwide Growth


Throughout the 1970’s DHL expands into more Worldwide locations including Asia notably Philippines, Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan and Sydney Australia by 1972, Thailand, Malaysia, Fiji and New Zealand in 1973.

A milestone of 500,000 shipments dispatched and delivered in one year was reached in 1974.

Mid 70’s to mid 80’s and beyond sees expansion in to India, Africa and most Countries of South America.

In 1983 and with FedEx gaining market share in the United States DHL now with a large International presence focuses it’s operation on the domestic US freight market.


The Only Express Courier to Cold War Countries


During the latter part of the cold war and beginning in 1984 DHL gained notoriety for being the only express courier service operating to and from suppressed and communist Countries Cuba, North Korea, Soviet Union, Eastern Europe (Eastern Bloc Countries), China, Iran, Iraq and Vietnam.


Vintage DHL Cargo Plane 


DHL Cargo Plane Old Purple Logo


DHL Boeing 767 Cargo Plane


DHL has over 250 cargo planes, here is one of the newest in the fleet a Boeing 767-300.
Watch it take off from Halle/Leipzig Airport in Schkeuditz Germany.
Halle/Leipzig is the fifth largest cargo airport in Europe and second largest in Germany after Frankfurt in terms of transporting air cargo.



Start of the Information Technology Age


1984 was also the year DHL adopted the ‘Unix’ computer system and associated software to automate it’s customer services which included parcel tracking.

1985 saw the largest freight Hub outside of the US open in Brussels Belgium to serve the rapidly expanding demand in Europe for express International delivery services.

During 1986 the now well established express freight and logistics company partners with the ‘China National Foreign Trade Transportation (Group) Corporation’ a state owned enterprise founded in Beijing in 1950 now known as ‘Sinotrans’ the largest logistics organisation in China.
Sinotrans listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (SEHK) in 2003 under the name Sinotrans & CSC Holdings Co. Ltd.


World Mail and Further Expansion


Worldmail was introduced in 1986 to provide first class passenger like treatment for priority mail and printed products transportation to the World and is delivered under various banners including International Priority Airmail (IPA – USPS integrated), International Surface Airlift (ISAL) and Global Mail Priority.

Expansion in the late 1980’s to over 180 Countries produces customer satisfaction and loyalty with more than 500,000 customer accounts.

1989 Marks the 20th anniversary of the company and the Worldwide expansion of the workplace computer, ‘Easyship’ is introduced to facilitate the in house, in office booking and tracking of shipments all from desktop computers.


Shares and Takeovers Commence


Forms a Global Transport Alliance in 1990, selling company shares to Lufthansa Cargo, Japan Airlines (JAL) and Nissho Iwai while remaining in control.
A much needed acquisition in the dog eat dog freight industry, using assets of other established airlines and at the same time adding capital to further expand it’s operations.
The deal was a success and saw the new alliance partners all buying more shares just a few years later, increasing to a total of 57.5% owned.

In 1998 Deutsche Post AG becomes an initial 25% shareholder of DHL International.
In 2002 Deutsche post becomes the majority shareholder with total purchase of 51% of the company.


New Millennium – New Logo


2002 sees the introduction of the new company Logo from purple and white that we all new so well to the red and yellow colour scheme to coincide with the Deutsche post yellow background. I think it is fair to say we all have grown to love and easily recognize the new logo.

Old DHL Purple and White Logo

DHL Old Purple Logo

New DHL Logo Red and Yellow

DHL New Logo Yellow and Red

How Many Employees Does DHL Have?


DHL employee total staff Statistics from 2005 until present day
Note: total includes Deutsche Postal Group, DHL Express alone is currently more than 340,000 employees

2005 – 393,463

2006 – 507,641

2007 – 512,147

2008 – 512,536

2009 – 477,280

2010 – 467,088

2011 – 471,654

2012 – 473,626

2013 – 479,690

2014 – 440,809

2015 – 449,910

Statistics courtesy of

Deutsche Post DHL Group Annual Company Reports





Delivers to over 220 Countries

DHL continues to expand it’s global network with the purchasing of new assets.

The total number of aircraft deployed to transport freight now exceeds 250 not including drones.


So how many items does a DHL delivery driver make per day?

Well it varies depending on Country and Territory, a city run driver may deliver (and pickup) to as many as 100-300 destinations on his or her route.
Where as a rural outer suburban driver may only drop off (and pickup) to 50 locations.

Sponsorship and Partners


Formula 1 (f1), Formula E –  Red Bull Air Race World Championship – Moto GP – FIA World Touring Car Championship

DHL has been involved in the Logistics of motorsport since the late 70’s and has sponsored all kinds of motorsport since 1985.

DHL is the official logistics provider of Formula 1 and only sponsor of the F1 ‘fastest lap‘ since it’s introduction in 2007.

The mini competition is held at every Grand Prix race and awarded at the last race to the driver of the most fastest laps during the season.
A trophy is awarded to the winner, no prize money is offered.

Chairman of Formula 1 ‘Bernie Ecclestone’ said: quote “The DHL Fastest Lap Trophy recognises the very things that make Formula 1, speed and organisation, the very things that DHL portray. We rely on the most successful partners in this sector.”

The 2015 winner of the F1 DHL Fastest lap award was Lewis Hamilton – Mercedes

In 2015 Formaula 1 introduced the ‘fastest pit stop award’ of which DHL is also the sponsor.
Check out the video below of 2015 fastest lap winner Lewis Hamilton and the Ferrari pit crew for ‘fastest pit stop’ award in 2015.


Rugby World Cup 2015

Gewandhaus Orchestra

Fashion Week

Manchester United

Cirqe du Soleil

DHL Exported – Fashion Industry Logistics and Marketing

Promotional agency IMG team up with DHL Logistics during fashion week events to promote and market fashion designers and their brands Internationally.
The program invites locally established fashion designers from around the World to expand into International markets notably Tokyo, New York, London and Milan.
Winners are chosen by experts in fashion and awarded to the best designers most able to benefit from the program.

Global Headquarters by Country


DHL Express global headquarters is situated in Deutsche Post headquarters in Bonn, Western Germany.

American headquarters are in Plantation, Florida.

Other headquarters situated in Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia and mainland China.

The European ‘Hub’ is in Leipzig, Germany.

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