i-parcel by UPS What is it?

i-parcel™ is a product of UPS – United Parcel Service that online retailers integrate into their website by inserting a few lines of code in the back-end that effectively takes care of pricing, shipping and customs for International consumers.

i-parcel by UPS What is it?

Let me explain more in layman’s terms…

An online retailer say in the United States signs up with UPS for i-parcel™ services.

The retailer via a small piece of code embedded into their e-shopping website allows UPS to manage consumer currency, takes care of customs and shipping and displays actual costs with no hidden or unexpected fees once the delivery process has started and enters the customers Country.

This whole ‘end to end’ process that UPS via i-parcel offers is sometimes referred to in the courier and freight industry as MOR ‘Merchant of Record’.

The price of getting the product to the customers door including all taxes, customs and other fees are visible in their own Countries currency before the purchase is verified.

What can happen in some Countries when a consumer orders from an International website, extra fees for example customs duty can sometimes be added by the destination Country on arrival or before the goods can be released. i-parcel™ takes care of the whole process on behalf of the retailer for more transparency in pricing for the end consumer.

According to UPS, this enables online retailers to broaden their market to International buyers.

i-parcel by UPS What is it?


– Easy website integration for retailers

– Localized currency and payment methods for consumers

– Choice of delivery options to end consumers including express

– Up front costs to consumer displayed in their own Countries currency

– Tracking for consumer and retailer

– Fraud protection for the retailer allowing to sell to Countries they may otherwise not have offered products to

– 365, 24 hours a day customer support

– Low cost compared to express services

– To keep costs low items may be delivered by local Country mail operators for example USPS in the United States, Aus Post in Australia.


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Website: https://www.i-parcel.com/en/

55 Glenlake Parkway NE,
GA 30328

Phone: 1-800-PICK-UPS

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