FedEx History, Contact Information and Tracking

FedEx History, Logo’s, Tracking




Federal Express was founded in 1971 by Frederick W Smith in Little Rock, Arkansas.

The company was called Federal Express from 1973 up until the year 2000 when the name was changed to FedEx Corporation or ‘FedEx’ for short.

The express freight and logistics company has 275,000 employees and contractors worldwide who deliver freight parcels to more than 220 Countries around the globe using air and ground fleets.

Look at the Logo above and see if you can find the hidden arrow. →

May 2016 – FedEx Corporation has bought out and now owns TNT Express. The acquisition cost 4.4 billion euros. The deal comes after the unsuccessful merger bid in 2013 by logistics giant UPS.

FedEx Tracking

Track your package, get ‘proof of delivery’ – Go to FedEx Tracking 


Service Advisory Alerts

Visit the FedEx service alerts page to find out information about what might be disrupting deliveries in the United States.


Federal Express Logo

Federal Express original logo used from 1973 – 2000

FedEx Original Logo Purple White Red

FedEx Current Logo

New logo from 2000 onwards

FedEx Current Logo 2000 onward

Fedex Departments


Every Fedex Logo


FedEx’s ‘David Frassinelli’ senior manager of Hub Operations at Memphis gives us an insight in the day to day running’s at the Memphis distribution facility.

With over 500 acres of space supporting the Worlds largest air cargo fleet.

FedEx logistics is a 24 hour 7 days per week operation with approximately 2.2 million packages a day being handled and sorted (and delivered) by 4500 day staff and 7500 staff during the night shift.


For more video’s visit the Official FedEx Youtube Channel


Jobs at FedEx


Search for courier driver jobs, package handlers  and  other awesome new career opportunities at


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