EMS Deutsche Post Germany International Parcel Courier

EMS Deutsche Post


Deutsche Post is the agent partner for EMS (express mail service) and DHL in Germany.

Visit your local post office in over 120 Countries for EMS International mail and parcels up to 25 kg’s.

For all your fast mail and international courier services inquiries please call our freight hotline.

EMS Deutsche Post Germany International Parcel Courier – Contact

Business customers Phone: 0180 55 555

General inquiries Phone: 0180 23 333

Website: http://www.deutschepost.de/de.html

Email: [email protected]


0180 55 555

3 thoughts on “EMS Deutsche Post Germany International Parcel Courier

    1. Hello,
      Best thing to do is call japanpost and quote your tracking number. Tell them that customer hasn’t received item yet. If they say delivered get them to email the proof of delivery (pod) signature to you.

      It is possible the driver has marked as ‘delivered’ after leaving a ‘card left’ nobody home notice.
      Your Customer may need to visit the local post office to pick up parcel due to not being home at time of delivery. Do this a.s.a.p as the post office in Germany will only hold parcel for a week or so before sending it back to you.

      Note: all EMS parcels require signature at destination.
      Hope that helps. Good luck and let us know how you got on.

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