EMS Georgia Post Contact Locations

Georgian Post Contact Locations

EMS Georgia Post Contact Locations


EMS Georgian International Post Mail Service – Available to and from over 180 countries world wide.

EMS service in Georgia can be used for letters and small parcels for fast cheap delivery world wide.

They have a tracking facility at website for your EMS post mail parcel, simply enter your package number to search.

EMS Georgia Post Contact Locations

Tbilisi Head office

Tbilisi, 44 D. Agmashenebeli ave.
Contact Phone Number: 995 32 94 37 97

31 Rustaveli ave.
Contact Phone Number: 30 87 23

21 Chavchavadze ave.
Contact Phone Number: 22 74 03

Batumi  Main Post Office
Batumi, 33 Memed Abashidze ave.
Contact Phone Number: 888 222 7 41 31

Kutaisi Main Post Office
Kutaisi, 56 Tamar Mefe ave.
Contact Phone Number: 8 231 4 83 14

Poti Main Post Office
Poti , 16 Tsminda Georg  ave.
Contact Phone Number: 8 293 210

Zugdidi Main Post Office
Zugdidi, 92 Rustaveli ave
Contact Phone Number: 8 3215 5 30 29

Gori Main Post Office
Contact Phone Number: 8 270 7 88 18

Rustavi Main Post Office
Rustavi,  9 Megobroba ave.
Contact Phone Number: 8 24 12 03 94

Marneuli Main Post Office

Telavi Main Post Office
Telavi , 12 Erekle II
Contact Phone Number: 8 250 7 23 05

Website: http://www.gpost.ge

Batumi Main Post Office, 33 Memed Abashidze ave

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