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About EMS Express Mail Service

About EMS Express Mail Service

Expedited Mail Service is the express mail and parcel Worldwide agreement managed by the UPU – Universal Postal Union.

Their are 175 Countries that are current members of the UPU.

EMS is a fast mailing service co-operative agreement and NOT a company or business. see UPU website for history and explanation.

Most Countries mailing systems around the World utilize the faster than standard courier service.

Use for domestic and International mail and parcels up to 25 kg’s, available from your local post office.

Note: you can send more than 25 kilograms, you just have to use more boxes.

Make sure each parcel has the address and you can label them for example: 1 of 3, 2 of 3, 3 of 3 and be sure to keep each box under 25 kilos.

Similar to most airline baggage requirements each parcel has a maximum weight of 25 kg’s in most Countries. Your local post office can weigh the items for you.

Cartons with protective packaging are also available for purchase and again depend on you PO.

Convenience – Good courier for the general public to use to send items as you do not need an account to send parcels via EMS at your local post office.

(Note: Unlike EMS private express courier companies may require you to open an account and sign a credit and condition of carriage form)


Delivery Times and Cost

Standard delivery and express delivery times are available at your local post office and do depend on which Country and zone you are sending to.

On average Standard International delivery time is 6 business days and express EMS International is 2-4 business days.

Economy cost effective delivery options are also available – Economy Air takes around 10 business days and parcels sent via sea freight are the cheapest but expect at least one month for them to arrive at their destination.

For more specific details for your agent or location please visit co-operative listings information below.


Restricted Goods, Prohibited Items, Declaration and Customs

Prohibited and restricted items may include explosives, ammunition, asbestos, chemicals, flammable liquids, electronic items containing batteries exceeding 100Wh, bio waste.

You will need to sign a declaration confirming YOU are the person sending the item and that it does not contain dangerous or prohibited goods.

A customs declaration may be required if you are sending more than a few of a similar item that may be considered a commercial quantity.

For more information on all restricted items and customs clearance visit your local post office co-operative.

About EMS Express Mail Service Tracking – Contact Phone Numbers and Address

Find out more about EMS Express mail service at your local and International provider agent websites.

Services avaiable in over 180 Countries around the World.

Browse our listings.

‘Track and Trace’ your parcels by visiting your local area listing below.

Author: Rob Middleton

Rob Middleton first started in the courier industry as a driver in 1992. After working for several companies as a sub-contract driver, Rob started his own business called 'Offload Couriers'. Fast forward to 2009 and the opportunity to purchase the domain name Couriers 'R' Us brought about a change in providing courier services to consulting and writing about the courier & logistics industry. Rob now focuses on helping small to medium transportation businesses compete with the giants of the industry like DHL, FedEx and United Parcel Service.

2 thoughts on “EMS – Express Mail Service or Expedited Mail Service

  1. Please explain to me why a parcel with tracking number EJ224167408AU continues to be in limbo somewhere in Europe, when I paid for it to be delivered within 6 DAYS, and it’s now almost three weeks.
    My client is waiting. I am currently considering filing a lawsuit against EMS for negligence in that they have NOT kept to the deadline.

    1. Was it a sensitive package, an expensive item or several of the same item? Make sure that the destination address has a phone number because customs may be trying to contact the receiver possibly to pay duty…
      Destination : Poland – Tracking consuming: 1224 ms
      2018-05-02 11:24
      International Postal System, Customs clearance

      2018-05-02 08:51
      International Postal System, Customs clearance

      2018-05-01 03:50
      WER Zabrze, Item arrived

      2018-04-30 20:57
      WER Warszawa, Package sent

      2018-04-30 07:34
      WER Warszawa, Customs clearance

      2018-04-30 07:34
      WER Warszawa, Accepted in Poland

      2018-04-28 04:44
      MELBOURNE EMS, Package sent

      2018-04-28 02:05
      MELBOURNE EMS, Item arrived

      2018-04-27 12:35
      International Postal System, Posted

      Origin : Australia – Tracking consuming: 393 ms
      2018-05-02 08:51
      ZABRZE (PL), Item received into Customs for clearance

      2018-04-30 07:34
      WARSAW (PL), Arrived at facility in destination country

      2018-04-30 07:34
      WARSAW (PL), Item received into Customs for clearance

      2018-04-28 02:44
      MELBOURNE VIC, Processed through facility

      2018-04-28 00:05
      MELBOURNE VIC, Arrived at facility

      2018-04-27 18:02
      HOPPERS CROSSING VIC, Accepted by Australia Post

      2018-04-27 10:35
      ST ALBANS VIC, Accepted by Australia Post

      2018-04-27 10:03
      Shipping information received by Australia Post

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