EMS Agent Cameroon Campost

EMS Cameroon Campost


Campost has multiple EMS service agents in Cameroon Africa and is the express mail parcel freight division of Campost.

Postal packages, mail and individual items up to 20 kilograms can be sent to over 220 Countries worldwide using EMS.

If more than 20 kilograms is to be sent then you can simply divide contents into boxes that weigh no more than 20 kg’s each and then mark the boxes 1 of 4, 2 of 4, 3 of 4, 4 of 4 etc.


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EMS Agent Cameroon Campost – Contact Details


Cameroon EMSems.post/cameroon


Phone: (+237) 691 145 180

(237) 22 22 36 13

16 thoughts on “EMS Agent Cameroon Campost

  1. Salut. S’il vous plaît j’ai envoyé un courrier le 11 Avril de Douala-Cameroun N°reference: EE001988682CM en destination de la Belgique(Université de Mons, service d’inscription et d’admission) mais au niveau du code postal j’ai mis B-700 Mons, en lieu et place de B-7000 Mons. Et j’aimerai donc que vous ajustez la destination postale. Merci bien

  2. Bonjour , svp ca se passe comment pour recevoir un colis du nigeria ?

    Translate to English –
    Hello, please how is it to receive a package from nigeria?

    1. Via Campost EMS takes approximately 4-7 working days using express rate.
      Expect from 4-10 working days for standard service.

  3. My package was sent from Cameroon to USA on Friday, July 27th and I haven’t received it till now. The last tracking information I received was on July 31st saying the parcel had been processed at a facility in Douala. Since then, no update at all. I really want to know where my parcel is right now. At the time of posting, the customer rep told my sender I will receive the package on Friday, August 3rd. To think I paid for Express delivery. Please help!

  4. Greetings, my parcel was sent on February 1st from Kenya but I’ve not received it till today. My husband paid for express delivery. Can I go to campost and check tomorrow?

    1. Do you have a tracking number?
      Have you been home to receive parcel?
      All EMS parcels require a signature as proof of delivery. If they attempted delivery and you were not home they will leave at local post office for you to collect. They will return parcel to sender in 2 weeks so you need to check asap.
      Go to the post office nearest to the delivery address / location and ask if they have parcel waiting for you to collect.
      Good Luck!

  5. Please I was sent a parcel by EMS express service from Zambia on February 8th and I am yet to receive it.
    Its quite urgent as I have to respond to the content in a timely manner.

    How do I proceed?

    And please where is your office situated in Yaounde?

    1. Do you have a tracking number?
      Where you home for expected delivery date? All EMS parcels require a signature on delivery. They might have attempted delivery and you may not have been home.
      If not, go to your local post office and ask if they are holding the parcel for you.

  6. My parcel was sent from Nigeria to Cameroon. Do i still need to pay some money before collecting the parcel from the po8st office?

    1. The sender should have let you know before organizing the delivery whether you would need to pay the delivery fee or the goods fee or both.
      Ask the sender if they have paid the delivery fee.
      99% of the time EMS is payed for at the sending end.
      If they have paid the delivery fee and the goods are payed for already the post office where you collect the ems will not and should not charge you any fee as per agreement with the Universal Postal Union and it’s member Countries.

      The only other time a post office might charge a fee is to hold an ems parcel for a customer after the normal time of collection has lapsed (approx 10 days). Call the post office if you are unable to collect and organize to hold or they will return item to sender usually within 10 business days.
      All EMS parcels / mail must be signed by the receiver or a person at the receivers address.

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