EMS International Courier Parcels Bangladesh Contact Information

EMS Bangladesh Post Office Online


Bangladesh Post Office Online is the EMS Co-Operative in Bangladesh and can handle all types of letters and parcels up to 20 kg’s.

For mail and parcels all over the Country with a delivery time of 2-3 days on average.

EMS Bangladesh provides an International service that can deliver mail and small parcels to any one of the Postal Union Members in over 220 Countries around the World including Europe, Britain, United States, India, China and Australia.


EMS International Courier Parcels Bangladesh Contact Information


Tracking – http://www.bangladeshpost.gov.bd/track.asp

Website: http://www.bangladeshpost.gov.bd/emsservices.asp

Paschim Chal High Rd
Paschim Chal

Phone: 880 – 031 – 611820

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    1. Destination : Bangladesh
      Origin : China
      2018-09-06 02:30
      Shanghai, depart from Shanghai to Dhaka (by transfer)

      2018-09-05 08:30
      Shanghai, arrived Shanghai Post Express Logistics Processing center (by transfer)

      2018-09-05 05:26
      Suzhou, leave Suzhou to Shanghai city

      2018-09-04 22:13
      Suzhou, has left Suzhou, sent to Suzhou Transshipment Center

      2018-09-03 18:41
      Suzhou, arrived China Post Express Logistics Co., Ltd. Jiangsu province Taicang Mail Processing center

      2018-09-03 17:51
      Suzhou, Taicang City Sales department has received (the name: Institutional Administrator, contact number:)

  1. I have sent a parcel from Japan to Bangladesh on January 18. In Japan, officer of the postal service section told me that it requires maximum 9 days to reach the destination. Now it is almost 11 days. The tracking of the parcel shows that it is reached at the Dhaka airport and all formalities in the airport have completed but they didn’t sent to the actual destination of the parcel. Now I am very much tensed about the parcel. The document which I have sent is very much important for me. Now I am blaming myself that why I used the EMS service. Actually Bangladesh is not suitable for this type of service. Bangladeshi service holder are not much reliable and responsible for serious issue.

    1. If the tracking says it has reached the destination then delivery may have been attempted and nobody was home at the time. All EMS parcels / documents require a signature on delivery.
      I suggest you or the person you are delivering it too check the nearest post office to the delivery address and see if they have the parcel waiting. Usually the courier would leave a note saying delivery was attempted but nobody was home to sign for it. Perhaps there wasn’t any where to leave the notice?
      Again, contact the local post office near destination as soon as possible or they may return to sender in around 2 weeks if not claimed.

  2. Please update me where is my parcel now. Sent my parcel From
    Bangladesh to London. Tracking number : EE001966832BD

    Awaiting for your reply.


    1. Just keep checking via tracking page.
      Coming up as registered post so a signature is required on delivery. Make sure somebody will be home and if you suspect the item should have been delivered by now then it’s possible a delivery attempt has been made and nobody home or could not find address and they are waiting for you to contact them.
      If in doubt, call or visit the closest post office to the delivery address and see if they are holding it for you.
      Take id because it is registered post – the person listed as the recipient will need to sign for this item.

  3. Dear sir,
    Our parcel has shipped from Philippines last week but we don’t get any update .
    Courier AWB NO EE182934628PH

    pls check and confirm.

    1. Looks like your item is awaiting customs clearance…Keep checking tracking page for update.
      Customs may try to contact you if any duty is owing before they release to courier for delivery.

      Either way only 4 days has lapsed so be patient. Depending on express or standard delivery it should be delivered within 3-10 working days.

      See Below
      In Transit

      Philippine Post
      Bangladesh Post (Registered/Parcel)
      2019-06-19 12:22
      Bangladesh, Item for Customs examination

      2019-06-19 12:19
      Bangladesh, Receive at country of destination

      2019-06-15 06:24
      PHILIPPINES, Dispatch item to destination country

      2019-06-15 06:24
      PHILIPPINES, Receive item at origin country gateway

  4. Hello Sir,,,
    can you pease tell me ,the Accurate price for a percel 18kg to send in Germany.In our lokal area Rajshahi on officer has said the amount is up 18000bdt .But my question is last year it was for 14kg ,7560 bdt.This year how could be the price is so much difference????
    if you could answer me i will be glad to you…
    Thank you so much

    1. Choose a different level of service for your budget. EMS has 2-5 days delivery and longer 10 day International delivery that is cheaper.

  5. Hello Sir ,

    I am Ashikur Rahman From Bangladesh , I have a 10 kg parcel from Italy to Dhaka GPO office , So pls give me rate for 10KG and Bangladesh any key contact person number.

  6. Hlw sir.
    My mom has sent a parcel to Russia.
    It have been almost 2month. The tracking app is showing its just left from their office. The tracking number is CP403543578BD. Can you please tell me what can i do now? How will i able to get my parcel?

  7. Please update on tracking number EE001981208BD, which posted on 20th Oct at Chattogram GPO.
    I have the update till 21st Oct that it has gone from Dhaka but unfortunately from 23rd Oct the tracking not showing anything.
    I am worried. Please rush reply.

    Thanks & regards

    1. Are you sure this was sent via ‘EMS’? Seems like it was another service / international post. Contact Chattogram GPO for correct tracking number (all EMS have tracking).

  8. I Drop a prcelfrom BANGLADESH post office in 19/11/2019.the destinaton counrty is Ireland…bt when i cheek the ems tracking number…no result found….can u plz help me.

  9. I have sent a parcel to Japan from Khulna GPO on 13/11/2019 and my tracking number is EE001159031BD
    It contains some necessary documents for the scholarship application which need to be reached by their deadline. But still the status showing that my document has departed from custom office on 14/11/2019. Could you please inform me the present status of my parcel and how long it will take more to reach the destination.

    1. What service did you pay for? There is a ten (10) day EMS service.
      Make sure that there is someone at destination to sign for goods (every EMS requires a signature on delivery).
      Perhaps they have attempted delivery and nobody was home?
      Go to the nearest post office to the delivery address and ask if they are holding it for you.

  10. Hi,
    Can I please get an urgent update on my document delivery to Bangladesh. EJ247841785AU. On the tracking site, it says unsuccessful delivery. But, the destination is a corporate office with a mail room who have not received any EMS parcels. Where is my parcel and how can I retrieve it ? What is the best contact number for the post office or EMS courier agent.

  11. Hello EMS,
    I tried calling at the contact number u’ve given here but nobody is responding. I have a parcel in Nigeria, Benin City that needs to be shipped to Dhaka, Bangladesh and the parcel weighs 4kgs. I wanted to know the shipping cost and the time duration of the parcel to be shipped. And also the payment process please notify me as soon as possible.

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