EMS International Mail & Parcels Azerbaijan Azer Express Post

EMS Azerbaijan Azerexpresspost


Azer Express is the Agent for EMS post to over 1500 post office locations in Azerbaijan.

Established July 14, 1997 and later in 1998 became a member of the Universal Postal Union co-operative which facilitates EMS delivery access to over 190 Countries under the agreement.

Congratulations to AzerExpressPost for achieving gold level certification from the ‘Universal Post Union‘ demonstrating top level service among the 190 EMS Co-Operatives around the world.

Send both local and International packages with competitive prices that are usually a lot cheaper than large logistics companies like DHL or FedEx etc.

EMS Azerbaijan Azerexpresspost – Contact




Drogal street 702,
Baku, Azerbaijan

41 Azerbaijan Avenue
Central Post-Office
1st floor, Operation room, 24th window


Main: +994 12 598 4398

Fax: +994 12 598 5494

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