DHL Bulgaria

DHL Bulgaria


DHL has had a presence in Bulgaria for more than 30 years.

Send and receive parcels and freight both locally and Worldwide door to door, business to business with over 50 service point locations across Bulgaria.

Find your local Service point HERE

Find your parcel – DHL Bularia Tracking


Sofia 1528, 10, Prodan
Tarakchiev str.

Phone: 0700 17 700

1 thought on “DHL Bulgaria

  1. Hereby on behalf of my company (who is the owner of that shipment and our ship mt Musa Dzhalil is the final receiver) I lodge a protest for non-actions of your Customs department who forgot to attach some DHL internal documents to the shipment yesterday 21/03/2019. As a result the shipment arrived final destination Burgas but it is not able to clear the Customs and cannot be delivered. It is already noon 22/03/2019, and nobody from Customer Service Hotline +359 (2) 9309400 is able to give any information when sub documents can arrive Burgas and when shipment can be given to Receiver. The operators who pick up our calls do not forward the call but switch on the recorded tape with our conversartion and keeo us online for nothing.
    Hereby I submit a complaint for ZERO-level customer service and for delaying the delivery time beyond the promised date (21/03/2019), violation of Customer rights and DHL service policies. The quality of your job casts a shadow on DHL name and leaves very bad impression of personal humiliation. Personally, we will never choose your company for international forwarding again.
    Thank you for your attention!
    Valentina Chernook
    Solid SC LLC

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