DHL Belgium Contact Phone Number Address Locations

DHL Belgium


DHL Belgium – Send and receive freight local and from overseas locations using DHL.

Main contact phone number in Belgium: +32 2715 5050

Belgium Locations – Pick up and drop off service point locations (9) and contact details – phone numbers, address, opening and closing times for local DHL offices.

Belgium TrackingTrack and Trace your Express Parcel / Track Net Benelux shipment.


Avenue George Lemaitre 86 6041

Phone: 02-715 50 50

2 thoughts on “DHL Belgium Contact Phone Number Address Locations

  1. We were deceived by a person who pretended to be DHL during a second-hand sale and prompted us to open an account with DHL. The mail sent included your sign and my husband saw only fire! We were robbed of 1500 euros on the 12th of September.

    Yesterday, we were again contacted on our fixed at 19:30 by a person who claims DHL.

    Are you aware of these practices? What do you recommend that I do?

    1. Online scams? Only purchase from a reputable business. And why would you need to open a DHL account?
      There’s more to this story.

      NEVER open links in emails. Instead search the name and open via a search engine or simply type address in address bar.

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