Pembina USA to Canada Parcel Service

Pembina USA to Canada Parcel Service

10597 Old Hwy 81,
Pembina, North Dakota, ND 58271 United States

(204) 480-8890 – (701) 402-2345

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Pembina Parcel Service - Since the late 1990's, Pembina has operated a parcel service between the United States and Canada.

In more recent times, online shopping has boomed. One problem that shopper's outside of the United States sometimes cannot get parcels sent to them by particular retailers because they may only ship to a US address.

Pembina has realized the needs of Canadian residents and now offers Canadian citizens and business owners a United States shipping address which is great for shopping at online retailers that only send parcels to the USA.

Pembina can then either hold your purchased items for you to pick up or send them on to your residential or business address across the border in to Canada.

Large warehousing with room for trucks for bulk pick ups. 

Conveniently located at Pembina airport, close to the I-29 border crossing.

Pick up 8am - 8pm 7 days a week. 

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