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Suite 4, Level 6, South Tower, 1-5 Railway St.
Chatswood New South Wales 2067 Australia


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What is PPost? PPost is a crowd sourced courier service platform. We are trying to make it everyone’s private courier, and at the same time, create a market place for everyone who wants to be a courier.

What is the problem it is solving? PPost was born out of the frustrations with the expensive and slow speed of traditional courier services.
I used to run a business that is heavily relied on city metro area logistics, it didn’t really work out because i couldn’t find a courier service provider that can offer immediate delivery services as well as being affordable. On the other hand, I see thousands of people travelling across the city constantly day and night. Surely there is someone willing to carry a parcel with them and get it delivered if it is on the same route. We see that this can definitely be utilised and bring the true immediate courier service.

Think about this, if you take a train to work, with just a couple of jobs done in a week, you can get your train fare back. If you drive, even better, it means you are more flexible to take on more jobs, and easily make up your fuel costs. Isnt that wonderful? This would also make the earth cleaner.

How is it different to the current options? PPost is making immediate courier services more affordable. We felt that we could save our customers a lot of money compared to traditional courier companies. Why? Because we are opening up this market from a black box, it has always been the courier companies that set prices for the jobs.

Our unique bidding system breaks it, and allows the market to determines its own price. We dont make a lot of money, only charge a very small percentage of each job to keep us going, (but would be great if we do make a lot of money), but our goal is to let our customers and runners enjoy the conveniences.

How do you provide security? We have a rating system, after every job, we encourage our customers to leave a good, neutral or bad review with some comments. These reviews would eventually accumulate. Customers can use it to choose a good runner. Not only that, we also encourage our runners to upload their photo IDs, to bind their social networks, also to encourage them to make a security bond deposit.
We believe all these will be sufficient enough to identify good runners from the bad ones.

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