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TEMC Emergency Medical Couriers


TMX Inc in America. We specialize in courier services for the health care industry in Texas, Colorado, Utah and Idaho. Our primary focus is on hospitals and labs. Medical and general couriers since 1985.

All of our drivers carry i.d cards and are extra careful with your packages.

Address / Contact Details
824 Avenuh H Easat
Arlington Texas 76011

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Customer Reviews

0000-00-00 00:00:00
This is the worst company I have ever worked for in all my life. The cheat their employees by telling them we will pay %50 of what the customer pay for an order, but when the time of paycheck comes you will be surprised that you drove about 200 miles and your paycheck is only $40. The company trys to hide any information about the payment for two weeks at least. They want to guarantee that you will work for them two weeks and quite and they will hire new stupids; like me, for the next two weeks. I don't recommend this company for anyone to work in.
0000-00-00 00:00:00
I agree with the previous writer. I worked for them for 3 weeks and was told the same thing. I ran over 10 shifts for them gave them more than 140 hrs of my available time and received a little over $300. I even had money taken out of my check for not being available to run 1 order/route. They also have not paid me for routes previously ran that I have proof of. I have contacted the company's upper management and no one from that rim has bothered to get back in touch with me. This company doesn't care about their reputation, employees or contractors. They are out totally for themselves. I have contacted a lawyer and the BBB in Texas and Colorado.

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