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Shirpoor Square
Ahar e Naw Kabul


Yes believe it or not there is a DHL office in Afghanistan - Providing Global Logistics, Mail and Freight Parcels.

Afghan Service Point Locations to drop off and pick up parcels from overseas and local courier deliveries.

Best way to contact DHL in Afghanistan is to use the Online Contact Form.

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0000-00-00 00:00:00
salam i am searching information about dhl afghanistan because of sending something to sweden, but the site is not enough to have all infos.i need to speak via phone, please call me if its possible(0773469926):, regards and best wishes. AHMAD FAWAD OMID MAZAR I SHARIF AFG.
2015-01-25 08:53:01
سلام من در باره دی اچ ال معلومات میخواهم کسی که در زمینه معلومات داشته باشه لطفا به شماره 0773469926 به تماس شوه ، احمدفواد مزارشریف افغانستان تشکر
2015-03-18 07:30:54
برای کسب معلومات به این شماره به تماس شوید
TEL: 0093 700 822000 :
Fax: 0093 20 2200266
web: en_af/site/home.html

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